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StudioDoorz Mission Statement

StudioDoorz helps artists create a more sustainable livelihood by making it easier for art lovers and potential customers to communicate and schedule studio visits with them any time of the year, anywhere in the world.

Bill Snider Bio

Bill Snider started out as a fine artist doing sculpture work; mostly kinetic pieces. One short film project morphed into a 30-year career in the film and television world. Thirty years of looking through a camera lens can stockpile a lot of images. Those images, in a more abstract form, started to pour out onto canvas once he hung up his camera. In addition to being a working studio artist, Bill started, a small business that promotes other studio artists.

In the News

June 2021

StudioDoorz, These Doors Stay Open: New Website Connects Art-Lovers with Artists in Unprecedented Way

May 2021

PROBLEM-SOLVING FOR CREATIVES #6: A New Social Media Opportunity!

February 2021

Building Connections by Opening Doors

December 2021

Boulder artist launches StudioDoorz, a platform connecting art lovers with creatives


Bill Snider, Founder of StudioDoorz

Bill Snider, Founder of

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