StudioDoorz is a resource-based website designed to bring the art loving public into direct contact with artists and their studios everywhere….sort of like OpenTable for artists …. it can be used by people visiting your area looking for new experiences, and as a reminder to your current clients that you welcome visitors to your studio anytime of year. Most importantly, it puts artists and art lovers in direct contact …. a one on one connection that dosen’t exist with gallery representation or on-line marketing.

What do you get when you create a listing? The listing is in many ways like a website.

It allows an artist to show sample photos of their work and their studio. An artist can discribe who they are, what their artwork is like, and the process used in its creation. Through your listing you can create a link to your website, social media and YouTube, and it allows you to arrrange vists with prospetive buyers. The cost for a listing is $25 per year.

To build a site like this and get it up and running was the first phase. The on-going steps will be to promote the site and let the public know of its existence. Funds collected from artist subscriptions will go toward promoting the site through social media, newsletters and press releases….. spreading the word as much as possible.

StudioDoorz is now another piece of the marketing puzzle that many artists work to solve. We hope you will consider becoming part of this idea to help connect artists with potential buyers and art collectors from all over the world.

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