Connecting art lovers with artists

StudioDoorz is a resource-based website designed to bring the art loving public into direct contact with artists through studio visits.

Many of us have had the good fortune to experience buying a piece of artwork, pottery or a woven blanket from the person who made that object. A wooden bowl that you bought from a vendor selling his creations on a beach in Costa Rica has a special place in your home when you return, and it serves to bring up the memories of that interaction.

StudioDoorz is designed to build on that type of experience and make it accessible to all who wish to visit artists in their studios. The model already exists through the many open studio tours that currently take place in many parts of the world. There are also more adventurous people who seek out artists’ studios at times other than during organized tours. StudioDoorz seeks to make this artist-to-collector interaction comfortable and easy to manage.

Just as the farm-to-table movement is putting people in touch with their food sources, StudioDoorz is creating a connection between people and the artists who make the art.

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